It’s a Burl, Southern Oregon

On the long journey from Southern Oregon to Northern California we stumbled upon a most unique gallery! Just about in the middle of nowhere, It’s A Burl [24025 Redwood Hwy, Kerby, OR 97531] will come up quick on the side of the road – get ready to make a U-turn because you don’t want to miss this place.

A conglomeration of many things with the unifying umbrellas of burls. What is a burl, you might ask? A valuable deformed tree growth used by artists for making a variety of household objects. The burls are abundant throughout the grounds, in buckets,

on walls,

and waiting to be transformed by a wizard.

In reality, they were being transformed in the woodshop. There are multiple gallery spaces,

walk in to view some truly obscure

and amazing artwork.

Wandering the trails around the shops you’re sure to discover some bizarre sculptures ranging from robots to automobiles made of wood.

What’s most impressive of all? The multiple tree houses that you can climb up into and feel just like a kid again.

They’re all so different in design, open balconies or enclosed space, many floors in a seussical manner or simple and rustic.
Some were adorned with built in swings or a string of lights. Rambling through the grounds was a great way to break up the trip and see some really one of a kind art work.

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