Stark’s Vacuum Museum Portland, Oregon

Do you prefer art museums or history museums? How about vacuum museums? Really…only in Portland, Oregon. Visiting Stark’s Vacuum Museum [107 NE Grand Ave Portland, OR 97232] is a perfect rainy day activity or fun flair to any tour around the quirky city.

There is parking in the back, enter and prepare to thrill the neat freak within.

Admire the vintage vacuums from the 1800s onward,

Stark’s has been producing them since 1932. To me this is truly art – the colors the shapes of the antique machines,

and history too! Look into the past by reading old article clippings and many of the appliances are tagged with a date and description.

This is not only a museum, if you are in the market for a new cleaning device there is a whole store full of them!

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  1. Nice find! I lived in Portland for a year and had no idea this place existed.

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