Best of Portland, OR Parks: International Rose Test Garden

One rose says more than a dozen, but what about 10,000+ of 500 varieties? That’s what you’ll find in the International Rose Test Garden [400 SW Kingston Ave, Portland, OR 97205], there is a reason Portland is known as the city of roses. If the colors don’t blow you away, the smell will. Well into October there was a rainbow of blossoms in a sea of green.

Read the maps and discover which blooms are award winners, or just wander the corridor seeing and sniffing to find your own favorites.

End up in the Shakespeare, the bard was a major fan of roses himself. Here there are more than just roses, but herbs, trees, and flowers mentioned in plays.

Along the paths of the garden there are countless other beautiful types of flowers,

assortment of trees,

and a sneak peek of the city in the distance.

Located within Washington Park, the rose garden is free to enter. You can extend your stay by visiting nearby Hoyt Arboretum (also free), and the Japanese Garden or Oregon Zoo (paid), all housed within Washington Park. If you are looking for more roses, try Peninsula Park or Ladd’s Addition where you will find thousands more!

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