Best of Portland, OR Parks: Cathedral Park

In a quiet part of town sits a patch of green grass with a bridge spanning over the Willamette River.

The holy Gothic Revival style arches of the St. John’s Bridge is how the park got its name. Cathedral Park [N Edison St And Pittsburg Ave Portland, OR 97203] is simple and peaceful, the bridge is the main defining attribute. If you find yourself at just the right angle, the bridge forms a perspective that truly looks like a place of worship.

This area has been a place of interest for centuries and was one of the 14 Lewis and Clark landing sights in the Pacific Northwest.

The main draws of the park contain the vast green lawn, perfect for picnicking, the riverfront access including a boat launch, and an off leash dog area. There is a large parking lot and restroom facilities. Across the river you may notice a dense green space, Forest Park another wonderful Portland destination.

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