Steven Smith Teamaker Portland, OR

After 12PM, my life switches from coffee to tea. Tea is a leisurely luxury that I enjoy socially (unlike coffee which is prefer in a dark room, alone or with my cat). There are few pleasures more comforting than a cozy tea lounge and that is just what I found in Portland at Steven Smith Teamaker [1626 NW Thurman St Portland, OR 97209].If you’re looking for some downtime in between sightseeing and hiking while continuing to soak up some local flavor, this classy space is your spot. The menu is dynamite with exciting options such as Irish Moringa herbal latte made with whiskey and flambéed sugar or a Jasmine soy latte with huckleberry syrup. I like my tea a bit more low key, no sugar, but some variations call for a splash of milk. I saw that tea flights were offered and with the help of the expert behind the counter concocted a perfect line up. The shop was a bit busy when we showed up so while we waited for our flight to brew we found a comfy couch, browsed some books,

and we were even offered a complimentary sip of some new drinks debuting in the shop. The fruity Nitro Blackberry Brahmin and creamy Sparkling Sarsaparilla.

Yum. It wasn’t long before our flight appeared: White Petal, Fez, Lord Bergamot, and Masala Chai.

The teas were all so different and delicious, I loved the presentation and learning about each drink. The Teamaker’s Almanac was a witty and fun read, be sure to pick it up while you sip. Teas are for sale (making an excellent souvenir for my mom!) along with adorable tea accessories.

This was the perfect place to relax and refuel, we didn’t even need to worry about parking as it was in a quiet part of town with a lot in front. Make time for tea in Portland!

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