Street Art around Seattle

Seattle doesn’t have the most dense collection of street art I’ve ever seen in a city, but every so often during a bout of traffic a splash of genuinely color catches the eye. A kooky expression on a cartoony bison made me smile.

seattle_muralI noticed the name Henry beside it and would continue to see more of this artists work around the city – always top quality from octopus to walrus. Another favorite mural was next to Café Racer made up of bugs in a band with punny names such as nectarphilliacs and pollen nation.

seattle_street_art_6A side street snowy Ranier was made even more realistic with live ivy joining the canvas.

seattle_street_art_1More than just murals, as I got to know the city better I enjoyed seeing artistic flare everywhere – and appreciated businesses making their advertising meaningful.

seattle_street_artDriving around the Fremont neighborhood I was a surprised to see a statue of Lenin with blood stained hands.

seattle_street_art_2Across the street from Paseo is a playful polka-dot house, simple but sweet.seattle_street_art_8Seattleites are definitely a creative bunch and what they do, they do with care.

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