Lester Park Stromatolites, Saratoga Springs

Once a tourist attraction, now a lonesome roadside ghost town. Lester Park [Lester Park Road Saratoga Springs, NY] showcases ancient fossils, 490 million year-old from the Cambrian Period called stromatolites.

lester_park_saratoga_springsThese layered rocks were made by blue-green algae on a shallow sea floor – Saratoga Springs was underwater at this time and this is when the oldest fish were swimming around.

stromatolites_saratogaI was dazzled by the beautiful patterns and diversity of the specimens.

stromatolites_saratoga_2Hunt between the stromatolites and search for other marine fossils such as snails and brachiopods fancying yourself as a paleontologist.

lester_park_saratoga_springs_2There are informational panels to teach yourself more about these fascinating fossils, this is an outdoor exhibit affiliated with the New York State Museum.

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