Five Strange Sights in Seattle

Fremont Troll, Troll Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

fremont_troll_seattleBilly-goats beware, although you’re safe for now. Under the bridge is a satisfied gigantic troll who just stole a Volkswagen Beetle with his right hand and human female with his left. His appetite won’t be quieted for long.

Dinosaur Topiary, Corner of 34th Street and Phinney, Seattle

dinosaur_topiary_seattleMother and baby Apatosaurus walked the earth 150 million years ago, but in the funky Fremont neighborhood you can still spot two of them today canal side. The base of the sculpture is a frame wire which is covered with ivy, it took over twelve years to cover the head of the mother who is 66 feet long!

Petosa Accordions, 313 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA 98105

petosa_accordian_seattleAre you in the market for buying an accordion? No…well, neither was I. It’s not your average instrument, a little peculiar actually – I’ve never known someone to play it, but I’ve always liked the sound it makes. I felt a *little* silly walking in, however all of that dissipated when I got to browsing the instruments – some so very old, some shiny new, some beautifully designed. Petosa has been making accordions since 1922. The staff was really welcoming encouraging me to try playing and even giving me a little private performance!

Official Bad Art Museum of Art, in Café Racer 5828 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, WA 98105

official_bad_art_museum_seattleThere is something about bad art that is just so good. Think clowns and amateur pet portraits. This is a dingy dive that I felt like I could hang out in all day. Most people weren’t exactly perusing the art gallery – but drinking espresso, having a bite to eat (try their hotdogs or homemade soups!), drinking a beer, or playing a board game. There is plenty of room to sprawl out and often live music at night.

Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co, 8414 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

greenwood_space_travel_supplies_seattle_1You can pick up anything you need here for your voyage, astronaut ice cream, experiments, maps, or a pretty postcard to send back home. The storefront is filled with a great assortment of knick knack gift items, and in the back behind the atomic teleporter there is a tutoring center for kids.

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