Eat your way through Seattle, Washington

Caribbean Sandwich: Paseo 4225 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

Hands down the best sandwich I have ever had in my life. And I’ve eaten a lot of sandwiches. It’s a hole in the wall (good luck finding a table), but all the best places are. The bright pink colors will have you thinking you’re in the Caribbean, Miami, or really anywhere but Seattle!

paseo_seattle_2I wouldn’t recommend coming here on a first date. Well, unless you want to find out how savage bae is immediately. Let me warn you, this is a messy ordeal, but embrace that fact and dive in face first. The lightly toasted baguette is fresh and will do you right. It is firm enough to hold the whopping amount of met and veggies, and it won’t tear, although some goodies might bust out escaping from the side. Grab a fork for those. All sandwiches have too much delicious aioli (in a good way), cilantro, pickled jalapenos (you can request mild-medium-HOT), lettuce, and the most divine caramelized onions which I would eat on everything. Pork fans can’t go wrong with the Caribbean roast, a shoulder cut succulently slow roasted.

paseo_seattle_8For fish friends, go for the catch of the day sandwich. I would move cross country to eat one of these everyday. Taking a paseo, or in English – a leisurely usually evening stroll – is quite difficult after ingesting a full sandwich. Plan accordingly.

Teriyaki: Wanna Teriyaki & Burger 1513 SW Holden St, Seattle, WA 98106

I’ve had Teriyaki before and I think it’s great. However, Seattleites are obsessed with it, you can find a Teriyaki joint on almost every corner! With so many options some have to rank higher than others, but the hole in the wall I went to is the best darn Teriyaki I’ve ever tasted in my life. Disregard the sketchy area and small parking lot, be brave. The food comes out fast. Juicy, tender, saucy – and the portion is huge!

wanna_teriyaki_and_burger_seattleTwo heaping scoops of sticky white rice and a simple salad accompanied the meat, but there is no doubt the chicken is the shining star. I get it Seattle, I could see Teriyaki Tuesday being a thing.

Geoduck: Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar multiple locations

taylor_shellfish_oyster_bar_seattle_3Food and travel go hand in hand. I travel through food and love eating the local specialties. Eating the strange (to me) and obscure things is always the most fun. When in Seattle I knew I needed to try geoduck, native to the Pacific North West. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s pronounced gooey-duck, and it’s a clam. A very unorthodox clam. The Oyster Bar is not the only venture of the Taylor family, they are also a shellfish farm. They provide geoduck around North America and as far as China. I was confident they knew what they were doing. I expressed my excitement to the waiter and let him know it was my first time trying geoduck and he promised to bring a live one out after I ate my order. Deal! The dish was prepared in a sashimi fashion with a fresh and beautiful presentation.

taylor_shellfish_oyster_bar_seattleThe texture of the clam was new to me and a bit hard to get over, but the flavors were spot on. As promised, to my delight, our attentive waiter brought out the live specimen! We laughed, the table next to us had no idea what the creature was, and we were informed the geoduck could extend much further, but it seemed to be a little clammed up! taylor_shellfish_oyster_bar_seattle_1If you aren’t feeling quite as adventurous as geoduck, but you are an oyster lover – that is what most people were dining on. Shucked perfectly and farmed sustainably in the Puget Sound.

Dessert: A la Mode Pies 5821 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103a_la_mode_pies_seattleI’m not sure if you know about my love for pie. Jeff found out pretty soon when we first met after I ate a whole pie in front of him. Some things change over nearly a decade, but my love for pie will last a lifetime. This pie is top notch, gourmet, decadent. Which pie to try? We each got a slice heated up, and of course made it a la mode. Jeff went for the Blue Hawaiian, a fabulously fruity combination of blueberry, pineapple, and coconut. I went for the Bourbon Butterscotch which was beyond rich and devastatingly creamy. Pie, oh my.

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