Eggy’s Place, Albany

Down in Sketchville, the industrial blackhole of downtown Albany, is a food car called Eggy’s Place [1 Erie Blvd Albany, NY 12204]. Believe Eggy when he claims he has the best egg sandwich anywhere. He does. There is nowhere that comes close in the Capital Region and it rates up there with those I’ve savored around NYC.

eggys_place_albany_1A breakfast sandwich is a delicate balance with few ingredients – simplicity is essential. Bacon egg and cheese on a roll. Really how hard can it be? When I listen to Eggy whistling it doesn’t sound so hard for him. The soft crusty roll. Greasy cheesy gluey goodness. Crisp juicy bacon. One perfect fried egg.

eggys_place_albanyWith such a effortless equation, most fall under the mark. Eggy strikes it out of the park, and he’ll put a smile on your face.

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  1. Dave says:

    You sure get around!

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