Lighthouse Park, Vancouver

Crazy narrow roads lined with million dollar homes, I almost thought my GPS was taking me to some unaffiliated remote location in West Vancouver until BOOM – the discreet sign for the parking lot. I made it to Lighthouse Park [4902 Beacon Ln, West Vancouver, BC V7W 1K5, Canada] a place where magic awaits.

lighthouse_park_vancouverThis park is so much more than a lighthouse. When you hit the trails you enter the last standing first-growth forest of Douglas Firs, the surrounding area has been logged. The trees are 500 years old, even their knees and elbows are supersized.

lighthouse_park_vancouver_bcThrough the valley of the giants you can descend amongst the emerald moss down to the rocky bluffs and rugged coastline. The whole environment changes drastically here.

lighthouse_park_vancouver_6Other than a handful of rock climbers with equipment hanging off the side, I had the top of the rock to myself for some peaceful viewing.

lighthouse_park_vancouver_7It was peaceful, but I kept hearing a gentle disruption behind me. I turned around to investigate, but the noise seemed so far away. My echolocate-r drew my eyes to the tiniest white dot on top of a tall tree where the sound and sight combined to an answer. Although the dot was too far to identify with the naked eye, I zoomed right in with my camera and affirmed that a bald eagle was perched, king of the land.

lighthouse_park_vancouver_9From the spectacular viewpoint I hugged the coast and made it out to the namesake lighthouse.

lighthouse_park_vancouver_2This was where everyone from the parking lot was, a popular place to enjoy a sunshiny day.

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