Lynn Canyon Park, Vancouver

Did you know there is a rainforest in North America? It’s located in the Pacific Northwest and spans from Alaska, to British Columbia, and all the way down through Northern California. The essence of beautiful British Columbia’s temperate rainforest can be viewed in a park: Lynn Canyon Park [3663 Park Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7J 3G3, Canada].

lynn_canyon_park_vancouver_5Situated north of the city, this free attraction is a true gem. In the early morning mist it was ever so serene. We made our way onto the trails lined by fog laden trees, joining the few locals walking their dogs.

lynn_canyon_park_vancouver_8As October is a rainy season filled with fog, it was ethereal rising out of the canyon. I’ve mentioned before how British Columbia loves suspension bridges and the one spanning Lynn Canyon, as high as a 15-story building, sets a truly magnificent scene.

lynn_canyon_park_vancouver_4You have to walk to the middle of the bridge where the view is sensational, a raging waterfall pouring into a deep dark pool.

lynn_canyon_park_vancouver_2We had the bouncing bridge all to ourselves on a rainy weekday morning, far from the scene I’d imagine after seeing the crowded parking lot at nearby Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. Running through the park boundaries there is a slice of the Baden Powell Trail, nearly 30 miles long in total cutting through the North Shore through many parks including Grouse Mountain. It is a gorgeous stroll sometimes studded with planks,

lynn_canyon_park_vancouver_6other times on hard packed dirt. It is never exceedingly strenuous, a couple thought it was a perfect spot for a trail run. There are access points to make it down to the pebbly shores of Lynn Creek along the way.

lynn_canyon_park_vancouver_9Soon after crossing the Twin Falls bridge we were treated to an osprey swooping through the narrow canyon, too swift to be caught on camera. After covering a good portion of Baden, we switched directions to view the emerald 30-foot pool.

lynn_canyon_park_vancouverOn a crisp rainy day I could only dream of the summertime when this pool is a popular swimming hole, taking a dip would definitely on my to-do list for a warmer weather visit. If you want to learn more about the environment around you, take a look in the Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre or if you’re hungry there is an adjacent café.

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