Koneko Cat Café, NYC

If you’re a crazy cat person like myself, you’ve probably heard of cat cafés and dreamed of visiting one. The concept was created in Japan, but countries around the world weren’t about to sit around with cat like jealousy simply looking on at this purrfect idea. They are sprouting up everywhere and the first one in America is located on the lower east side with an unassuming storefront.

koneko_cat_cafeWhat better way to spend a chilly day than to cozy up with some cats? Koneko [26 Clinton St New York, NY 10002] means kitten in Japanese and the mission of the café is to find homes for at risk cats, and create a great environment for them to interact out with people. To visit with the cats you can reserve a time slot online (which I did), or stop by to see if there are openings (there were) for $15 an hour of quality kitty-time. Trade your shoes for slippers and head inside.

koneko_cat_cafe_nyc_3There are three distinct areas for the cats to room, upstairs, downstairs, and outside – referred to as the cattio.

koneko_cat_cafe_nyc_5All areas are equipped with plenty of nooks, toys, and fabulous cat-themed art.

koneko_cat_cafe_1You can get to know 20 adoptable fur-balls all with different personalities. There are the playful cats, the curious cats, mysterious ones, and of course the sleepy cats.

koneko_cat_cafe_nyc_8These lucky cats even have their own private bathroom.

koneko_nyc_1Pink panther was on the TV and a copy of Catmopolatin was available for some light reading.

koneko_cat_cafe_9Yes, this place has an incredible vibe. There is a monitor around to make sure everyone is playing nice, and the establishment is closed between 3-4 daily for catnaps. During that time the café remains open and while you’re waiting you can sip on coffee, tea, or some alcohol. I grabbed a wonderful matcha latte and little chocolate mochi bite.

koneko_cat_cafe_5There’s an interesting variety of snacks to choose from including Tokyo style tofu, black vinegar peanuts, salted caramel nut tart, or a chocolate crepe cake. If you’re a cat person, or interested in becoming one – I would recommend visiting a cat café. For your added entertainment, here is a picture of my cat because she is the best!!

img_0641Love you Sassy.

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