Doughnut Plant, NYC

I do not deny my desire to devour all the donuts of the world, and at Doughnut Plant they are so darn delicious.

doughnut_plant_nycThere are multiple locations to choose from depending on which side of the world you happen to wander, from Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens to Tokyo or Seoul. This is a very popular place and if you brave the lines you will see it is for good reason. First of all the décor is fetching, from the plush wall donuts to the donuts for sitting upon.

doughnut_plant_nyc_6Even if nature isn’t calling – you may want to take a trip to the fabulous bathroom!

doughnut_plant_nyc_5But really, you can bet your bottom dollar the donuts are the grounds for visiting. There are so many different flavors to choose from! So many variations! Do you like cake donuts or yeast? Prefer a topping or a filling? Something smaller – go for a doughseed. Vegan? No problem. Perhaps something savory? An avocado toast or samosa doughpod will do you well. On my visit we went with four delectable donuts to get  a taste of a little bit of everything: tres leches cake donut, valrhona chocolate yeast donut, vanilla bean and blackberry filled, plus a hazelnut chocolate filled doughseed.doughnut_plant_nyc_4Each individual category stood out and had excellent flavor. There are flavors of the day and seasonal flavors, so many motives to return again!

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