Stanmeyer Gallery and Shaker Dam Coffeehouse, Berkshires

Driving through the Berkshires, Jeff wistfully said he could really use a cup of joe. It just so happened that we were about to pass through West Stockbridge, I told him not to worry…I knew just the place. It was years since I’d been, and I only went in once. Don’t ask me how I remembered the exact corner the yellow house is on, but for some reason Stanmeyer Gallery and Shaker Dam Coffeehouse [2 Main St, West Stockbridge, MA 01266] left a mark on my mind.

shaker_dam_coffee_house_5Inside Jeff went directly to order the coffees and I couldn’t help but wander off to this corner or that, reacquainting myself with the vaguely familiar. The space is filled with so many good rugs, chairs, and of course this is part gallery – so art.

shaker_dam_coffee_house_3John Stanmeyer is the owner of the gallery and coffeehouse, he is a well known National Geographic photographer. There were many photographs of high quality from around the world, especially in the room upstairs specifically meant for viewing.

shaker_dam_coffee_house_4The photography is undoubtedly paramount, but the legends

shaker_dam_coffee_house_9and personal notes make them even more intriguing.

shaker_dam_coffee_house_8You can sit inside the gallery or outside on a nice day.

shaker_dam_coffee_house_6The coffee, by the way, is topnotch.

shaker_dam_coffee_house_2It’s funny, I visited this place long before I got the travel bug…but the fascinating sights were stored somewhere in the back of my mind. Seeing them again only renews my lust for wanting to see every corner of the world, a strange and beautiful place. Come for the coffee, stay for the art and the story behind the picture.

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