Butler Sculpture Park, Berkshires

A small sculpture park, well off the beaten path, is nestled in the hills of the Berkshires. butler_sculpture_park_8Drive up the steep gravel road and you have reached Butler Sculpture Park [481 Shunpike Road, Sheffield, MA 01257].

butler_sculpture_parkRobert Butler himself came out to say hello, it was a warm September day and he had just been out for a swim. All of the pieces at the park made by one artist, Butler. His wife’s intricate knitting enhanced certain pieces.

butler_sculpture_park_sheffieldHe explained to us the nature of his work, how to get around the grounds, and handed us a map. As we had parked by the summer house gallery, it was a great place to begin.

On the map are names of the numbered works outside. Walk around the sparkling white gravel pathways through the Berkshire woods.

butler_sculpture_park_1Butler creates stainless steel sculptures, sleek and sturdy, you can’t see any of the welds.

butler_sculpture_park_sheffield_4Many of them are kinetic and can be seen waving in the wind on a blustery day. You’ll find motifs of circles, particularly wheels, and simple primary colors.

butler_sculpture_park_sheffield_9Spy a vista through the dense thicket.

butler_sculpture_park_7When we had viewed all of the sculptures outside, Butler told us to meet him in the studio. butler_sculpture_park_4He was working there, but paused to chat again, answer questions, and open up the East and West gallery rooms within.

butler_sculpture_park_berkshires_3He graciously offered us to return anytime, even suggested bringing a picnic blanket and stay as long as we’d like. All sculptures in the park are available for purchase, good luck trying to move the 800 pound ones…they didn’t make it too far from the studio in which they were created!

butler_sculpture_park_6We had a lovely visit and were truly impressed by the unique works of art.

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