Rand’s View Hike, Connecticut Hike

There are so many little slices of adventure where the Appalachian Trail cuts through Northwest Connecticut. Last spring I checked out Rand’s View [Parking lot on Housatonic River Road just past intersection with Sugar Hill Road, Falls Village CT] which was a easy to moderate hike, about five miles and 1400 feet of elevation. Even on a gloomy day, the hike was beautiful and lots of fun. From the parking lot walk away from the Housatonic River cross the street and find the well worn white blazed path of the Appalachian Trail (A.T.). A quick jaunt through the woods and you pop out into a meadow, before plunging right back into the forest.

rands_view_falls_villiageYou’ll be climbing up little Prospect Mountain, certainly making a heart pumping ascent…but never that steep at any point.rands_view_falls_villiage_1

When you get to the top there is a nice little view.

mount_prospect_connecticutFrom here, keep going and begin to head downhill. You will reach the junction with Limestone Shelter.

rands_view_falls_villiage_2Make a right to stay on the white A.T., and you will pop right out to the namesake view of the hike.

rands_view_connecticutWhat a gorgeous meadow! Even on a bleak early spring day it produced some beautiful colors. Make your way back the way you came, remember to turn at that junction to resummit Prospect Mountain.

rands_view_falls_villiage_3There were so many fine little details along the trail, most exciting of all, our up close and personal encounter with a turkey vulture!

rands_view_appalachian_trailThat gorgeous noble creature. Soon enough we were heading back down through the familiar forest.

rands_view_falls_villiage_8We popped back out to the road and saw the parking lot and river right where we left them.

rands_view_falls_villiage_4Now the best part about visiting in spring was the enormous waterfall at the Great Falls Reservoir attached to the parking lot. I guess this is why they call the town Falls Village! great_falls_reservoirWe explored the little trail up and down checking out the raging river rapids. They were simply magnificent. A perfect day of defying gloominess!

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