Bonobo Café, Albany NY

Bonobos are seriously interesting primates, watch a documentary if you ever get the chance. I can’t even imagine how many times I’ve passed by the Bonobo Café [174 Madison Ave Albany, NY 12207] over the past eight years and with each passing, like a hat wearing symbol clapping monkey in my head, it has never gone unnoticed.

bonobo_cafe_albanyFinally one morning I found myself out of coffee (a very dangerous place to be) and decided it was time. Time to drive down the hill (just out of my walking sans-caffeine range), poke around, and try out the coffee. Unfortunately, I was too zombie like to take a picture of the actual coffee…but really it just looked like coffee. I got a medium iced, it was $2 and totally worth it. Nice and strong, there was even some almond milk for me, just the way I like it. They sell their own house blend which I might have to stop by again and pick up, and some light food options. While sipping like an anteater I was happy to peruse the gallery section of the café.

bonobo_cafe_albany_1There is definitely an eclectic array of artwork to observe with pieces from local artists. bonobo_cafe_albany_4I felt very comfortable hanging out here. It has a bit of a dive feel, but very relaxed, and most importantly – good coffee. Glad I finally stopped by!

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