Noon Mark Diner, Adirondacks NY

After hiking three Adirondack high peaks over 8 hours, it was safe to say we were weary, we were hungry, we were ready to curl up in a ball. We were indecisive. We weren’t sure if we wanted to go home and cook ravioli or have some fish fry back down the thruway. Either way, we were in the car driving back towards home and passed the Noon Mark Diner [1770 NY-73 Scenic, Keene Valley, NY 12943].

noon_mark_diner_adirondacksWith promising words on the wall, we were both more than happy to agree and decide on heading inside.

noon_mark_diner_keene_adirondacksOn Labor Day weekend the place was packed with those ordering from the ice cream counter, getting picking up, and eating in. There is typical diner fare, and the food is decent. The noon mark club was served in such a huge portion, I got to take half home for lunch the next day.

noon_mark_diner_keene_nyBread was homemade, and all of the ingredients were fresh. The meal was satisfying after our day, but what made it exceptional was dessert. If you are in town you need to stop in for some of their homemade pies. They have tons of flavors on the board, I decided on strawberry rhubarb while Jeff went for blueberry. The waitress asked if we wanted them heated up, we both said yes. And then she asked if we wanted it a al mode, Jeff said yes and I said no thank you. She sassed me. Then they both peer pressured me. I caved and got the scoop of ice cream, and honestly, what was I even thinking? It made the plate.

noon_mark_diner_keeneMy pie was so incredible. The flavor was deep and true, the crust was firm and I swear, reminiscent of an ice cream cone. The crumble on top was perfection. The scoop of vanilla was melty and fluffy and ahhhh, yes. This was just what we needed, and we left happy customers. Get the pie AND the scoop of ice cream. When you’re there, mail order me a pie too please!

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