Robert Moses Lighthouse, Long Island

Robert Moses has two of my favorite things. One is the beach I love most in the world, that’s at Field 2 (walk 2.5 miles to the right and reach Democrat’s Point – a solitudinous haven of beauty). The other is at Field 5, and that’s the popular boardwalk to the Fire Island Lighthouse [Fire Island Lighthouse Robert Moses Causeway Bay Shore, NY 11706].

fire_island_lighthouse_6When you get into the parking lot, head all the way to the left and you’ll find the entrance to the trail. It’s a straightforward walk, out and back, is 1.4 miles round trip. It’s gorgeous anytime of year at any point in the day.

fire_island_lighthouse_1Along the way you’re likely to see wildlife. There are TONS of deer on the island. Out of the half a million times I’ve walked this path, I’ve seen a deer every time.

fire_island_lighthouseI’ve also seen a red fox twice, just around dusk.

fire_island_lighthouse_4The birding is great, there are always so many gulls and oftentimes osprey. I love the flora growing from the sand, scraggly trees, scrubby brush, flowers, and a ton of poison ivy.

fire_island_lighthouse_3So be careful about that stay on the middle of the path, and remember it’s an important part of the ecosystem, the deer love to eat it! When you get to the lighthouse you can check out the museum and pay to climb up it and get some views, years ago I did that and it was great fun. If you’re coming at sunset your in for a particular treat.

fire_island_lighthouse_5I usually try to complete the walk a few minutes before the sun is scheduled to set, and drive back towards the bridge to catch the show. You’ll see people pulled off on the grass in awe of natures work.

fire_island_lighthouse_2Watching the sun pass under the causeway is the most tranquil thing. I swear it’s a different design every night, something this stunning never gets old.

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