An Afternoon in Skaneateles, NY

Lockwood Lavender Farm, 1682 West Lake Road, Skaneateles, NY 13152-9618

There is just something about the scent of lavender, calming, floral, zen. Mix with the lovely Finger Lakes and you have yourself a magical situation.

Lockwood_Lavender_Farm_skaneateles_1Visiting after the harvest meant the grounds were not quite as purple as I would have imagined, but there was still an intoxicating aroma and scene.

Lockwood_Lavender_Farm_skaneatelesVisit the little shop to bring some of the fragrance with you, wherever you’re headed.

Bahar Preserve and Carpenter’s Falls, Appletree Point Rd and Carver Rd., Niles NY

Just outside of Skaneateles proper, but way off the beaten path, is one heck of a hike. It’s a choose your own adventure kind of place. For a quick, yet exhilarating option head left at the trailhead towards 90-foot tall Carpenter’s Falls.

Bahar_Preserve_Carpenters_FallsThe trail is very steep and filled with loose rocks. Appropriate footwear is essential. In less than five minutes you will arrive at a glorious waterfall!

Bahar_Preserve_Carpenters_Falls_skaneatelesWith a view like that, you can stop right there. OR you can rappel down the rope system to get to the base of the falls for a refreshing dip and walk behind the waterfall.

Bahar_Preserve_Carpenters_Falls_8Wow. Want more? Go back to the trailhead and pass straight by it into the woods. Next stop is waterfall number two. Start to loose elevation, amounting to over 400 feet of it before the hike is finished. The second waterfall is for only the most sure-footed individuals. You will see the falls in a ravine through the trees, and eventually, a semi-trodden path to get there. It is not maintained, it is severely steep. You will have to hold on to roots and rocks to get to the base. There are no ‘danger’ signs, no fences, this is the type of preserve where you need to be aware of your own abilities. If you intend to get down to the base you will be in for a real treat: 60-foot Angel Falls.

Carpenters_Falls_skaneatelesCool down and enjoy the unique sight, because the scramble up is just as fun as it was on the way down! Once again, you can choose to return back to the trailhead from here. OR…you can keep descending and make it out to Skaneateles Lake.

Carpenters_Falls_skaneateles_2To tell it true, you can’t go swimming in the lake and it is flanked by ‘no trespassing signs’ and private property. If you are able to block that out then you’ll have a gorgeous view of the lake. I’m glad we chose to check it out. One final choice: out and back or make it a loop. I love looping! We decided to take the main road (beware of cars!) back to the lot. Head up the steep, unrelenting hill and hang right at the T intersection to return. There were many beautiful vistas and an eastern kingbird along the way.

Carpenters_Falls_skaneateles_1This path is approximately three miles round trip, and full of excitement!

Skaneateles Pier

When you get back to town, you can’t miss a stroll down the long picturesque pier.

Skaneateles_finger_lakesThe view back to town is fantastic and the water is crystal clear. I would have loved to swim at the little beach or rent a kayak if we only had more time!

Gilda’s, 12 W Genesee St, Skaneateles, NY 13152

We arrived for dinner just in the knick of time. With no reservations we scored the last seat outside, great for people watching. There are many snack, small plates, and wood fired pizza options available. I highly recommend the crostini sampler, I picked the olive, mushroom, and white bean niblets and I adored each one.

gildas_SkaneatelesWe split a pizza which had an admirable crust and fresh yummy toppings.

Doug’s Ice Cream, 8 Jordan St, Skaneateles, NY 13152

If we’re being honest, I really wanted to go to the Skaneateles Bakery, but they close early. So we settled on getting ice cream. I don’t bring my phone to dinner so there was no yelping the best spot, because we weren’t walking back to the car. So we scouted around. There are a few ice cream spots, but only one had a long line.

dougs_ice_cream_skaneatelesWe were SO happy with our detective work – splitting the small blueberry sundae was the cherry on top to a wonderful afternoon!

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