Sweets in Syracuse: Harrison’s and Picasso’s

Harrison Bakery, 1306 W Genesee St, Syracuse, NY 13204

Harrisons_Bakery_syracuseWe were going to split one, but when we sat out at the bright red table in front and I held it in my hands I knew it wouldn’t go so well (for Jeff at least). I sent him back inside to get another so we each had one to ourselves. They weren’t too big – really the perfect size for a cookie. Ridiculously fresh, soft though firm enough to hold up, and painted to perfection with a just thick enough layer of frosting. The first bite for me was bittersweet. So very delicious, I can’t deny that, I just wished my Poppy was there to share it with me! We were always eating BLACK AND WHITE cookies in the Bronx together. Speaking of which, they call them Half Moon cookies in Central New York, he would have found that funny. It’s no surprise that the bakery has been open since the 40s. The cookie was supreme (and affordable), service was prompt, and everything else looked so tempting.

Picasso’s Pastries Café, 466 Dell St, Syracuse, NY 13210

Picassos_Pastries_Cafe_syracuseI went in hoping for a sweet potato donut. I’ve never had one and I thought it would be great to be eating dessert and feeling healthy at the same time (ha…). They were all sold out and said it was too hot to keep baking donuts. To be honest, we just had the black and white cookies a few minutes before. I almost walked out because I really didn’t need any extra dessert, I was just curious about the one style of donut. However, I liked the little area of the neighborhood, and I liked the feel of the café, and I liked the way the little donuts looked. So we really did just split one donut, a chocolate with a great strong cocoa flavor generous slathering of maple icing. It was excellent and if I am ever back in Syracuse I’m going stop by earlier and make sure I get a sweet potato and probably every other one in the case.

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2 Responses to Sweets in Syracuse: Harrison’s and Picasso’s

  1. julieovaltrades says:

    Thanks for the lesson! That’s what I always called them, but you better inform Harrison Bakery because that’s what they’re labeled as!!!

  2. -R. says:

    I’m just going to step in here before you incur the wrath of Mr. Dave. Black and White cookies are what you have above. The name is not interchangeable with a halfmoon, as a halfmoon is on a dense chocolate cake base, with a distinct vanilla frosting as opposed to the glaze seen above. Hemstrought’s Bakery in Utica (once a thriving chain of bakeries) was the originator of the halfmoon, and still produces them today.

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