Green Lakes State Park, CNY

Otherworldly. Shockingly beautiful. Of mystical proportions. How can I explain to you the magnificence of Green Lakes State Park [7900 Green Lakes Rd, Fayetteville, NY 13066]? I cannot. You simply must go see it for yourself.

green_lakes_state_parkOn my early morning weekend visit the hoards were still sleeping. Just a few anglers, joggers, myself and Jeff took to the gravel path. The park has two glacial lakes that are meromitic, which means the surface and bottom waters do not mix. An easy figure eight loop around the lakes will run you approximately three miles and it is continuously jaw dropping. If you care to read the informational signs along the way you will find out something quite interesting at Deadman’s Point. There is a living reef thousands of years old right in Central New York.

green_lakes_state_park_nyHow about that? Many other attractive living creatures that make the lakes their home.

green_lakes_state_park_ FayettevilleIf you want to get a bit closer than the edge to the water, try kayaking or swimming in the designated area. If you can’t get enough of the park, there are additional hiking trails, picnic grounds, a playground, camping, and a golf course on site.

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2 Responses to Green Lakes State Park, CNY

  1. julieovaltrades says:

    Absolutely! Just had to stop by Syracuse, first :).

  2. Don Reed says:

    Splendid. And so close to Skaneateles NY, which is the jewel in the crown of the Finger Lakes, even if they (whoever decides which of the Lakes are the Fingers) do not consider it to be one of them. I am hoping that your next stop will be there.

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