DeCordova Sculpture Park, Lincoln MA

Sculpture parks are one of my favorite places to frolic (other include fields of wildflowers and sandy shores) amidst larger than life imaginative creations under the big ole sky. Sunday was all about road tripping back from New Hampshire, and DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park [51 Sandy Pond Rd, Lincoln, MA 01773] was first stop on the list. There is certainly an eclectic variety of sculptures found throughout the winding trails.

DeCordova_Sculpture_Park_5I especially love interactive ones, such as the xylophone! During our visit there was a kiddie-parent yoga class going on by the double heart. I always appreciate those sculptures infused so well with nature around them, some so much so they almost camouflaged.DeCordova_Sculpture_Park_1Kid-sized or not, if you find it – get in that weeping beech!DeCordova_Museum_and_Sculpture_Park_9At the far end of the parking lot there is a path into the woods skirting by the town reservoir if you are looking for a quiet little hike. With admission you gain access to the museum (nice and air conditioned) with plenty of floors with more interest art!

DeCordova_Museum_and_Sculpture_ParkMake sure you go all the way to the top and check out the view from roof.

DeCordova_Museum_and_Sculpture_Park_6I wanted to pair this with Walden Pond (a favorite spot of Thoreau) across the street, and even though we got there before 10AM, the place was already filled to capacity! Next time, if we can get there early enough.

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