Fatima’s Café, Worcester MA

Between the service and the food, I cannot rave enough about the wonderful experience at Fatima’s Cafe [43 W Boylston St, Worcester, MA 01605].fatimas_worcester_ethiopian

It was the perfect place to stop on our road trip from Albany to New Hampshire and a good excuse to experience a town I’ve never been to before, Worcester! We drove right passed the tiny storefront without even realizing. No problem! A quick u-turn in a strip mall and holy moley, these weary travelers were driving down a one way street. Whoops, don’t make that mistake! We corrected our situation and parked in the little lot on the side and settled right in. The space was quiet on a Friday evening, though many would come to pick up orders.

fatimas_ethiopian_I was excited to get a little caffeine boost (for the part two of the drive) and comfort with a wonderfully warm fresh brewed cup of chai while Jeff tried a fresh fruit smoothie.fatimas_worcester_

We just ordered entrees, but our waiter kindly came out with some samosas for us to sample. They were the best I have ever had! The dough was so delicate, filling velvety, and the dipping sauce was lip tingly HOT. I would order a whole slew of these next time.

fatimas_worcester_maFood is cooked up fresh to order, so it was a bit of time until our meals appeared. To tell it true, I’ve never been 100% satisfied with any previous traditional African cuisine – feeling it always fell short of the mark. This was a total deal breaker. Both of us went for the Ugali with Sukuma, a traditional Kenyan dish – vibrant and mouthwatering. Ugali is a cornmeal based porridge, our waiter instructed us to mix it into the tender chicken and gravy, seasoned to absolute perfection.fatimas_worcester_1

Add to your spoon bits of succulent collards (rivaling any I’ve encountered down south), onions, peppers, and spinach to find a heavenly symphony in your mouth! If you find yourself passing through Worcester, don’t pass up a chance to have dinner at Fatima’s.

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  1. War Emblem says:

    Looks great! I always welcome these places when we trip over them on vacations.

    (“This was a total deal breaker.” Slang that should be tossed in when the experience is a negative one.)

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