Quebec City Daytrips

Montmorency Falls, 5300 Boulevard Sainte-Anne, Ville de Québec, QC G1C 1S1, Canada

Just minutes away from downtown Quebec City is a magnificent waterfall, at 272’ it is taller than Niagara Falls!

Montmorency_Falls_quebec_cityTake the stairs up for continual views of the falls, along with the surrounding area, and the city back in the distance.

Montmorency_Falls_quebec_city_2Caution: you will get wet! Bring a rain jacket. Follow the well worn path to reach the suspension bridge that spans the length of the falls and watch the trail of mist.

Montmorency_Falls_quebec_city_1Ile d’Orleans

Cross the bridge to a whole different world, a vacation from your vacation. Quebec’s cornucopia is an island in the middle of the Saint Lawrence River, filled with glorious vistas and flowering farms.

Ile_d_Orleans_3Count the red roofs which seem to be in style and pick a sugar shack to visit.

Ile_d_Orleans_4The journey is the destination. Drive the perimeter road for a wonderful day in the countryside. Two spots to get you started, not far from the bridge are:

Cassis Monna & Filles, 1225 Chemin Royal, Saint-Pierre-de-l’Île-d’Orléans, QC G0A 4E0, Canada

Cassis_Monna_Filles_Ile d’Orleans is the perfect spot to grow black currants, just look at the flourishing fields across from the shop. Stop by the cellar to sample some tasty black currant wine and other products!

Espace Félix Leclerc Arboretum, 682, Chemin Royal Saint-Pierre-de-l’Île d’Orléans, QC G0A 4E0

If you spy a huge sculpture playing guitar and taking in the view, you may make a quick u-turn like I did.

Ile_dOrleans_quebec_cityThe arboretum is named from the famous Québécois singer and there is a 1.5 mile trail leading through the woods down towards the Saint Lawrence River. There are sporadic sculptures along the way,

Espace_Felix_Leclerclush green flora,

Ile_d_Orleans_arboretum_1and plenty of wildlife!


Jacques-Cartier National Park, 103 chemin du Parc-National, Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury, QC G3C 2T5, Canada

Jacques_Cartier_National_Park_Couldn’t resist the lure of a national park so close to the city! Even if you aren’t into hiking, consider driving the road and take in this amazing natural scene from the car. The river,

jacques_cartier_national_park_4the mountains,

jacques_cartier_national_park_6the wildlife,

jacques_cartier_national_park_quebecall incredible. There are also plenty of water sports to participate in, and camping. The weekend we visited was very rainy so the river had flooded the road and we weren’t able to drive to the end or hike any trails past mile marker 23. Can’t complain, because all of the water created some pretty gorgeous roadside waterfalls

jacques_cartier_national_park_1and some ethereal foggy landscapes.

jacques_cartier_national_park_3After speaking with a ranger in the visitor’s center we decided on the Les Coulees, an approximately 6 ½ mile moderate loop. The hike starts innocently enough through the woods. Eventually you will join a creek and begin heading steadily uphill. The forest is serene and there were many wildflowers including some ginormous red trillium during our early spring visit.

les_coulees_jacques_cartier_4There weren’t really any views until the bridge which had a great waterfall flowing underneath.

les_coulees_jacques_cartier_2Soon after at the junction follow the sign in the direction that the eyeball points!

les_coulees_jacques_cartier_6It is of course, further uphill – but totally worth it. Layers upon layers of good Canadian mountains and a gem of a lake!

les_coulees_jacques_cartier_3A flawless little vista. The walk back was pretty.

les_coulees_jacques_cartier_1What made it super memorable was the fact that we got *poured* on and found out our rain jackets really didn’t keep out the rain and my socks can hold about 3 liters of water. It was a fun experience!

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    So much to see in Canada…always a second trip!

  2. Aya says:

    Ahh! I went to Quebec in November and loved it! I didn’t get to take these day trips, sadly, so thanks for posting your experience 🙂

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