Albany Rail Trail, revisited

I’ve been on the Albany Rail Trail four times now, trying a different portion each visit to see the whole span. First time I checked out the Delmar area. Second the Vorheeseville area.

albany_rail_trailThird time I parked near Slingerlands.

albany_rail_trail_1Most recently I explored the Albany area and I have to say, this was my favorite of the whole bunch, and luckily – the closest to home! I drove by the parking lot twice before I realized where the entrance was – just next to the Center For Disability Services [700 S Pearl St, Albany, NY 12202].

albany_rail_trail_7This portion is paved so you’ll find bikers and rollerbladers, just be aware and stay to one side.

albany_rail_trail_5At first as I’ve always noticed with on these trails you begin close to civilization. Keep walking and it begins to fade away. Cats are traded for bunnies and butterflies.

albany_rail_trail_2Flowers thrive, green prevails.

albany_rail_trail_3What excited me most about this trail were the big rapids that appeared!

albany_rail_trail_4I love crossing over and under the bridges and following the river.

albany_rail_trail_6Who knew all of this was right here in the city limits? Not too many people, actually, which makes it a very peaceful experience.

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