Stark’s Knob and Hudson Crossing Park, Schuylerville

Two parcels filled with history and nature within a few minutes drive from one another make for a great few hours of adventure.

Stark’s Knob Historical Lookout, Starks Knob Rd, Schuylerville, NY 12871

Starks_Knob_schuylerville_5The park is tiny, but really packs a punch. Begin by viewing the neat historical sculpture and read of its context.

Starks_Knob_schuylerville_6Head up the gravel road to find a little trailhead next to the woods. It was a bit overgrown, but opened right up.

Starks_Knob_schuylerville_2Scramble up the short, perhaps a quarter of a mile, trail to get to a gorgeous overlook.

Starks_Knob_schuylerville_1In early July there was a rainbow of wildflowers and berries that were starting to ripen.

Starks_Knob_schuylervilleDuring the Revolutionary War Stark’s Knob was a strategic vantage point as you can imagine, on a clear day the Green Mountains of Vermont are visible. Head back the way you came, or take the steep path down to loop into the meadow. More interesting wildflowers and tall grass were accompanied by displays with geological information.

Starks_Knob_schuylerville_3You also get a great view of the bubbly knob itself!

Starks_Knob_historical_look_outHudson Crossing Park, Co Rd 42, Schuylerville, NY 12871

hudson_crossing_park_schuylervilleThe island loop trail around is approximately two miles and there is so much to see. We started by the old Champlain Canal lock and took the Riverside Trail. There was so much green, strange white berries, and a bunny in the woods!

hudson_crossing_park_8There were sporadic boxes with cranks that told the story of the land. Continuing on we passed the historic Dix Bridge,

hudson_crossing_park_1Remnants of a long past bridge,

hudson_crossing_park_9And with a closer look, atop it perched an osprey!

hudson_crossing_park_3At the tip of the park the spillway was mesmerizing.

hudson_crossing_park_4There is a nice grassy area here and it is dubbed Eagle Point. Along with the history and nature there was art!

hudson_crossing_parkA labyrinth and various kinds of sculptures were scattered, randomly and excitingly along the way. There is also a playground for the kiddies and a kayak launch. This is really a special little place, in the center of the Hudson River.

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