Shelving Rock Falls and Log Bay, Lake George

It’s summer. It’s hot. You want to be outside, but you need to cool down. There is a super fun nature walk right outside of Lake George with refreshing watering holes to cool down in along the way! Put on your bathing suit and pack a picnic. Also- this hike is very kid friendly. Drive down the country roads to the Shelving Rock Falls [Shelving Rock Road off of Sly Pond Road, Fort Ann NY – long dirt road, head past trailhead for many other hikes until you see yours on the left] parking lot. Follow the sign and enter the path, short and sweet, .4 to your first destination.

shelving_rock_falls_lake_george_3Follow the path beside the creek. Initially it is a bit rocky, but that soon fades away to an easy dirt path. We spotted a chunky spider quickly raveling its prey up away from prying eyes.

shelving_rock_falls_lake_george_2Stop for a moment and gaze at a lovely little pond. When you reach the culvert you’ve already made it to the top of the falls.

shelving_rock_falls_lake_george_1Make your way down to the base and revel in the sight of a magnificent 50-foot double waterfall!

shelving_rock_falls_lake_georgeStake out your own spot on the rocks and get ready to wade in. Be careful of the slightly slippery rocks and take a seat under the crisp waterfall!

shelving_rock_falls_lgHang out for as long as you like, but when you’re ready for adventure part II continue down following the creek for less than a mile out to Log Bay. This spot can be accessed by foot or by boat, so join your nautical friends and take a dip in Lake George!

log_bay_lake_georgeThe water is wonderful and perfect for swimming, but there is no sand here. Hang your things on a rock at the shore and enjoy the party.

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