Esperanto, Saratoga Springs

How I have lived in the Capital Region for almost a decade and evaded the doughboy? I’ll chalk it up to being a picky eater for the first quarter of my life, especially during the time I would have been drinking on Caroline Street. Well, this summer is all about doing all of the things I’ve always wanted to do…and I wanted to finally understand doughboys. So I popped into the little pizza place I’ve passed a million times, Esperanto [6 Caroline St, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866].

esperanto_saratoga_springs_You don’t have to be drunk to eat them. They’re actually a fantastic pre-hike carby meal. Check out the display case and the special dough cousin of the day on the board. I wanted straight traditional doughboy – chicken and cheese. You can go doughgirl – veggie and cheese or check out the doughcousin special of the day – on this day jalapeno and ham.

esperanto_saratoga_springs_2Two is the perfect number, totally filling. Sit in or take um to go, I’m always in a hurry so I got them boxed up.

esperanto_saratoga_springs_1Warm, cheesy, doughy, savory, pockets of joy. Don’t forget the hot sauce, and slather it on thick. It absolutely seals the deal.

esperanto_saratoga_springs_4I can’t believe I missed out on these during my college days, but I’m glad I am at last in on the fascination with the doughboy.

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