Comfort Kitchen, Saratoga Springs

Dangerously yummy, Comfort Kitchen 454 Broadway [Saratoga Springs, NY 12866] is hidden away in the Saratoga Marketplace, a fancy little mall on the downtown main drag.

comfort_kitchen_saratoga_springs_Even before you enter, if you’re a reader you’ll find out that this restaurant has a serious focus on locally sourced ingredients.

comfort_kitchen_saratoga_springs_2Their menu is seasonal and I’ve been eying it change throughout the year. Finally in the summertime I got the chance to visit, and the veggies were fresh as can be. Inside or outside? It’s your choice. The breeze was beautiful on the deck where we chose to sit.

comfort_kitchen_saratoga_springs_1We put our orders in at the counter and grabbed cups of water out of the self serve dispenser. It wasn’t long before our food appeared at the table. It was a serious feast. I’ve heard about the mac and cheese here and I had to have it. But it was a warm summer day, I couldn’t down a whole plate of it myself. My companion was keen to the idea of splitsies, most excellent. So we had the special of the day, the farmers mac and cheese which was incredibly creamy. Pick up a forkful and the cheese wants to cling to the rest of the mass. So wickedly delicious. To make it ‘farmers’ mac there were bits of squash and zucchini within. Mmmmm.

comfort_kitchen_saratoga_springs_4We also ordered the turkey club which had bacon, avocado, herbed mayo, and greens on sourdough. It was equally as lip smacking. Can’t wait to return when the menu changes again!

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