Ethnic food in Amsterdam

Restaurant Blauw, Amstelveenseweg 158-160, 1075 XN Amsterdam, Netherlands

blauw_amsterdam_1If you only had one night in Amsterdam I would absolutely point you in this direction for dinner. Blauw was one of the best culinary encounters I have had, hands down. Reservations are a must. The scene is trendy, yet comfortable and traditional. You’re eating Indonesian cuisine, and it’d be a sin to miss experiencing a rijsttafel or rice table. The very first bite of complimentary crackers and sauces was exquisite, this was going to be a good night.

blauw_amsterdam_3We decided to share a the selera blauw rice table, an extra ten euro charge for sharing, but the right move because the amount of food that was about to come out was borderline absurd. A sea of tiny plates flooded out, almost comically, crowding our little table.

blauw_amsterdamChicken satay, goat satay, tumeric beef, spicy beef, sweet soy pork, fish curry, spicy fish, meat-potato pastry, fried banana, tofu soy sauce, egg in sambal sauce, roasted coconut, vegetables with peanut sauce, vegetables with coconut sauce, spicy fried potatoes, sweet-sour cucumber, white rice and fried rice. Holy mambo-jambo. For us it was perfect, because she’s more of a meat eater and I’m more a fish eater and there were so many different veggies to try out! So many unique flavors, every bite was righteous.

Bazar, Albert Cuypstraat 182, 1073 BL Amsterdam, Netherlands

bazar_amsterdamNestled right in with the Albert Cuyp Market there are a lot of options to choose from in this area, but Bazar is the way to go. You’ll find Middle Eastern cuisine in a big gorgeous building with a colorful conglomeration of decorations (even the bathroom is beautiful)!

bazar_amsterdam_1I started with the mint tea, strong with fresh plentiful leaves, which was wonderful on a chilly afternoon. Since it was cold I thought, soup and a sandwich sounds good! I had no idea the feast that was coming my way, but when I saw it I said, bring it on! As we were walking all day I was famished.

bazar_amsterdam_2The lentil soup and falafel pita were both quality, I especially loved the garlic dipping sauce.

Soup en Zo, Jodenbreestraat 94, 1011 NS Amsterdam, Netherlands

soup_en_zo_amsterdamA little hole in the wall with some seriously fresh and scrumptious soups, with names that will take you all over the world. There are only a few on rotation per day, ranging from Tuscany tomato, Texan chili, North African split pea with mint, Thai black-eyed pea soup, and Brazilian bean soup. Ask for samples before you commit, on our visit the employees were more than happy to oblige. A simple and affordable lunch, perfect for another chilly day in Amsterdam!

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