Best of French cuisine in Paris

La Coincidence 15 Rue Mesnil, 75016 Paris, France

La_Coincidence_paris_Our first dinner in Paris was a huge success. We had made reservations a week in advance and were seated right away, though the intimate space was packed. We started with the creamy pumpkin soup with had a depth of flavor, and was paired with soft slices of baguette.

La_Coincidence_paris_1Four our mains my friend went with the duck which was cooked just to her liking and had the most incredible sauce comprised of honey and orange.

La_Coincidence_paris_2These chefs must be sauce masters, because the base of my plate was made with an equally succulent sauce made of butter carrots. Unbelievable.

La_Coincidence_paris_3The bass fillet was wonderfully flakey, and vegetables were tender and filling. Completely full, and a exhausted from jetlag, we regretfully skipped dessert to go to sleep!

Le Bistrot du Perigord 71 Rue Saint-Jacques, 75005 Paris, France

Le_Bistrot_Du_Perigord_Another hit at this small and cozy restaurant with an old time feel. They offer a price fix menu and we both began with a French onion soup, when in Rome!

Le_Bistrot_Du_PerigordIt was as much as I could have hoped for, perfectly balanced, crispy cheese on the top melty within, and so deliciously savory. The presentation for the main courses were beautiful. My friend went with the duck paired with mushrooms and sweet potato.

Le_Bistrot_Du_Perigord_2I went for the fish with squid ink spaghetti.

Le_Bistrot_Du_Perigord_3Everything was fresh and beautiful. For dessert the best went for the mini trio of desserts,

Le_Bistrot_Du_Perigord_4and every bite I nibbled on was yummy, however I fell in love with my dessert. I was a bit nervous to order it as I’m not the biggest pistachio fan, but I let my intrigue take me away to try this unique dish.

Le_Bistrot_Du_Perigord_5Puff pie, pistachio cream with figs, orange sauce, cinnamon was one of my favorite bites on the trip! Sweet, tart, fruity – so many different textures – a real stand out.

Little Breizh 11 Rue Grégoire de Tours, 75006 Paris, France

Little_Breizh_paris_We had to try crepes in France and we had the best lunch experience here! We walked in at noon just as the place was opening and got a comfy window seat, great for people watching. The snug spot would be filled to the brim by the time we were done dining.

Little_Breizh_paris_2The crepes were supremely delicate and lace like, with the perfect amount of filling. My companion got a ham and egg while I went for a creamy spinach and leek.

Little_Breizh_paris_crepesIt was our last day in town, so no matter how stuffed we were, we had to do lunch dessert.

Little_Breizh_paris_1Chocolate, almonds, and caramel with a scoop of ice cream and dollops of whipped cream…absolutely heavenly.

Jacques Genin 133 Rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris, France

Jacques_GeninEntering this classy candy shop I was overcome by temptation. The chocolates in so many enticing flavors…the sparkling fruit squares…luckily I could sample them and save myself for what I was truly here for – the caramels. Soft and chewy, they will melt in your mouth. With so many flavors to choose from I was nervous. I went with a classic dark chocolate and then asked the lady who was helping me which was her favorite – to which she replied passion fruit. Definitely go for the passion fruit, so unexpectedly good!

Maison Georges Larnicol 132 boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris, France

Maison_Georges_LarnicolIt was our last day in Paris and I had yet to try a macaroon. Passing by a popular bakery on the fly, I decided this was my chance. Normally I like to plan it all out, but my trip to Laduree fell through. I have to say, I am not upset at all. These fly by the seat of your pants macaroons were out of control phenomenal, an infinite amount better than anything I have ever tasted in the states. They were wildly soft and exuded deep flavor. There are plenty of other pastries and chocolates to choose from here as well, but I was on a personal mission.

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