Gardens of Paris

La Promenade Plantee

The Parisian answer to NYC’s High Line, this garden was built atop an old rail line. The linear boardwalk stretches 2.9 miles elevated above the streets of the 12th arrondissement.

la_promenade_planteeThe flowers were blooming beautifully during our spring visit, I especially loved seeing them contrasting with the city below.

la_promenade_plantee_1More than just a garden, at this height you have a prime spot to oogle and the areas eccentric architecture.

la_promenade_plantee_2This was definitely one of the quietest places we went to in all of Paris, a bit off beat, local, and really cool.

la_promenade_plantee_3If you’re looking for a running route, this is a great scenic spot to do so.

Jardin des Plantes

The main botanical garden in France, you may enjoy colorful flowerbeds

Jardin_des_Plantes_4and a rose garden,

Jardin_des_Plantesalso so much more! There are many lovely sculptures to ponder around the grounds,

Jardin_des_Plantes_1and interesting structures as well. Climb to the top of the labyrinth to find one of the oldest steel constructions in the world.

Jardin_des_Plantes_6You can visit the Museum of Natural History here, or take a trip to the zoo! Jardin_des_Plantes_Even if you don’t have time to see the entire zoo, you can spot a few of the animals just from walking by.

Jardin_des_Plantes_zooWildlife sightings are common in the garden as well. I saw a number of beautiful birds and found a nice fat frog!

Jardin_des_Plantes_2You can certainly spend a few hours enjoying everything this garden and its adjacent museums have to offer.

Jardin du Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Palace was built in the early 1600s and today the grounds are a beautiful place to stroll about. Consider renting a remote model sailboat to race around the fountain.

Jardin_du_Luxembourg_1Find the elegant Medici Fountain, built in 1620 by a Florentine sculptor.

Jardin_du_LuxembourgSpeaking of sculptures, there are over 100 of them in the park ranging in subjects from mythological characters such as Narcissus and Hercules, to historical figures Beethoven and Queen Mary of Scots, and animals.

Jardin_du_Luxembourg_3Spy a great view of the Pantheon in the top right photograph. Have a picnic on the meticulous lawn of the tree-lined promenade.

Jardin_du_Luxembourg_If your schedule aligns, consider staying for a show at the Luxembourg Puppet Theatre!

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