Atlanta Area Green Spaces

Quintessential walk: Piedmont Park

piedmont_park_atlantaA slice of nature in the big city, designed by the son’s of Fredrick Law Olmsted. This is where you retreat from the concrete jungle to throw a ball on the field, walk around the lake, bike, bird watch, walk your dog, visit the botanical gardens, and soak in the city skyline.

Rail trail: BetLine

betline_atlantaIn recent years old rail corridors have been put back into use across the country. When I visited Atlanta two and half years ago, this was the first one I set foot on, and to this day, still probably the coolest of them all. It is unique in the sense that it is not a straight line, but almost a circle using four different inactive freight lines. Upon completion it is planned to be a 33 mile trail. What I loved best about the trail is the wealth of trailside public art!

Historical stroll: Kennesaw Mountain National Battleground Park

Kennesaw_Mountain_National_Battlefield_ParkHiking and history a half an hour outside of Atlanta within a preserved Civil War battleground. The visitor’s center has a profusion of knowledge about the battleground and war itself. There are many miles of scenic trails within the park grounds, including a two mile loop to get to the top of the namesake mountain!

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