The 300 Grill, Albany

For months we watched the little brick storefront beside the Lion Heart say, ‘opening soon.’ To be honest, I didn’t expect much. I never do for the ventures on and around Lark Street for some reason. The restaurant opened, and everyday Jeff kept saying, let’s go! I shrugged it off for a few weeks until one night we were out of groceries and in need of a quick meal before heading away for the weekend. We took the short walk over to The 300 Grill [450 Madison Ave, Albany, NY 12208] and I have to say, I was way impressed.

The_300_Grill_albany_2The space is so bright and clean, beautiful calming blue walls, a great table for overlooking the action down on Madison/Lark. The Greek restaurant has nicely themed decorations including references to the movie 300, lighthearted and not overbearing, along with pictures of Greek architecture and scenes.

The_300_Grill_albany_1You’ll find a little corner with some Greek products to peruse. There is delivery, you can do take out, or eat in. We decided to stay and after placing our order at the counter the waitress brought everything over and came back to check in on us and refill our waters. Service was great and the food came out quick. We decided to go for one of the many tempting appetizers, and try out tyrokafteri for the first time. It was simple and tasty, spicy feta cheese with warm, fresh, faintly herbed, pita bread.

The_300_Grill_albanyThe souvlaki was excellent – the chicken for me and the beef/lamb for Jeff.

300_Grill_albanyOnce again, simple, but there are quality ingredients and they are made with love. Completely happy with the food and service, we couldn’t leave without sampling the baklava which was absolutely incredible.

The_300_Grill_albany_It was positively ooozing with honey and had so many layers of delicate phyllo. We were nearly through it before the owner who had a fantastic thick Greek accent came over and asked us how we liked everything. We told him between bites how much we loved the food. I asked if the baklava was homemade and the response was an of course, as if there was no other way. The food, service, and location are perfect, I can see us coming back again and again for a little taste of Greece in Center Square.

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