Kent Falls State Park, Connecticut

If I can make it a three state day, count me in. From New York, through Massachusetts, into the Southern Berkshires that reaches to Connecticut…it sounds a lot more intense that it actually is – but Kent Falls State Park [462 Kent Cornwall Road (Route 7) Kent, CT] is actually closer than a lot of places I venture to in my home state.

kent_falls_state_park_4Just an hour and a half from Albany the park is filled with majestic qualities. Begin your journey crossing over the quaint covered bridge.

kent_falls_state_park_ctThe path will lead you to the base of the waterfall, 250 feet tall tumbling into the Housatonic River.

kent_falls_state_park_connecticutIt’s beautiful just from the base, but take the paved path leading up to the top for an abundance of breathtaking views.

kent_falls_state_park_1A quarter mile trail, short yet steep, follows the falls and has many viewing platforms along the way.

kent_falls_state_park_Towards the top of the trail may be my favorite view, a narrow chute skirts down and feeds into a small pool, what an interesting display!

kent_falls_state_park_2Stay awhile to picnic or BBQ, lay out a towel, play some Frisbee, and keep your eyes open for bald eagles!

kent_falls_state_park_3Just as we were leaving it soared onto the scene, making our day just a tad more special. Though the park is small it surely packs a punch, a treasured gem in the northwest corner of Connecticut.

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