Sandfly BBQ, Savannah Eats

There’s just something so right about southern barbecue. Sandfly BBQ [8413 Ferguson Ave Savannah, GA 31406] is a little spot is a quiet part of the city with ample parking in the lot.

sand_fly_barbq_savannahStep inside and you’ll find a quirky, colorful, scene.

sandfly_bbq_savannah_I loved the atmosphere, and all of the funky artwork on the walls.

savannah_sandfly_bbqAs good as that was, the food was even better. Jeff went for a pulled pork sandwich, and I went for plain pulled chicken. We had been doing sooo much eating in the south I couldn’t handle anything major this night, but still wanted a taste. The meats were so very tender, juicy, smoky, only made better by the array of kickin sauces. Absolutely delicious.

sandfly_brunswick_stew_savannahWe each picked a side to share, green beans, and Brunswick stew. To tell it true, the GB’s tasted a bit briny and straight out of the can. However, that stew was fit for a king. It was so deeply flavored, so much going on, so amazing, I really wished we had a vat of that. When we were heading out, thinking things couldn’t get any better, we found a trio of cuddly bonus cats!

sandfly_bbq_savannahYeah! What an excellent experience at Sandfly.

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  1. findingnyc says:

    Always loved Sandfly’s BBQ, even if it was a little out of the way. I never had the cats show up for entertainment though!

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