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Kolache at Foxy Loxy [1919 Bull St, Savannah, GA 31401] is a rockin way to start your day. I had my first kolach (singular, plural has an E at the end) on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, Texas. One day I’ll get to writing about that crazy road trip from San Antonio, through Austin, and finally up to Dallas, before my blogging days. It is a delicacy that I often reminisce of, the delicate, flavorful, Czech pastry. Throughout my travels I’ve never seen mention of kolache again, until Savannah. So when I saw Foxy’s had kolache, coffee, and they were open real early – it was a no-brainer that I was headed there for breakfast.

foxy_loxy_cafe_savannah_Parts coffee shop, bakery and Tex-Mex cantina, sounds pretty unique to me. I loved the décor inside, I think this spot is the closest thing to hipster touching ever classic Savannah, but don’t worry – it’s not overboard.

foxy_loxy_cafe_savannah_2Up at the counter the baristas made our coffee concoctions, jeff with the Mexican mocho and I with the café con leche, and warmed up our kolache. There is indoor and outdoor seating, we found a quiet space all our own with some neat local art on the walls.

foxy_loxy_cafe_savannah_3Time to dig in! Two was the perfect number, they were $2.50 a pop. A plump dollop of cherry filling in a savory pastry paired with and cheddar and bacon filled kolach, bon appétit!

foxy_loxy_cafe_savannah_1You have your fruit, your protein, calcium, and carbs…such a well balanced meal 🙂 . A trip down memory lane, plus new memories made, thanks Foxy!

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  1. findingnyc says:

    A great hangout! I actually never tried their kolache, but used to meet people there for coffee periodically. We used to sit outside when the weather was not too hot and humid.

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