Sweet Potatoes, Savannah Eats

Sweet, simple, and seriously scrumptious Southern Cuisine. You know, when you’ve got it, you’ve got it. Sweet Potatoes [6825 Waters Ave, Savannah, GA 31406] is outside the hustle bustle of downtown, there is a great parking lot and the food is very affordably priced.

Sweet_Potatoes_Savannah_Sit down in the cheerful atmosphere, this truly is an endearing space.

Sweet_Potatoes_SavannahPick from an array of southern staples and other wholesome favorites. Entrees are served with two sides and a biscuit, a very filling meal. Jeff went for the peach glaze BBQ meatloaf paired with black eyed peas and green beans.

Sweet_Potatoes_Savannah_1He reported that it was flavorful and moist, and I didn’t mind helping myself to his sides which were excellent. I went for the pecan encrusted catfish with tomato relish, some lemon collards and a baked sweet potato (WITH PECAN BUTTER).

Sweet_Potatoes_Savannah_2I was so smitten with this meal. The dense flaky biscuits was the first thing I choked down, warm out of the oven and a perfect start. The crust on the fresh fish was excellent, and the tomato relish added quite the light and juicy component! I love all collards in Savannah, but these lemony ones were something else. The baked potato was so tender, and the pecan butter was a game changer…it was like dessert. But oh my speaking of dessert, I didn’t even realize this place was FAMOUS for their banana pudding. I’ve never had banana pudding before and this was a brutal place to start because when you start at the top…there’s no where to go but down.

Sweet_Potatoes_Savannah_3This exquisite dessert had all of the right flavors and textures, our only regret was splitting it! All of this fine food came to under $30 (before tax and tip) – a real steal for a phenomenal dinner!

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