Narobia’s Grits and Gravy, Savannah Eats

Breakfast here is the real deal, a serious greasy spoon. Walking into Narobia’s Grits & Gravy [2019 Habersham St, Savannah, GA 31401], it is no frills, but who needs frills when you have biscuits?

narobias_savannah_Take a seat at a little table or up at the counter so you can watch the action. Service is fast and friendly. I was kind of surprised that there was no milk for coffee, just powdered creamer…but hey, it got the job done. I ordered light and simple, I knew there would be more eating ahead this day. Just a bacon (they offer turkey bacon), egg, and cheese on a biscuit, please.

narobia_savannah_What came out would change the way I look at breakfast sandwiches forever. Just a small sandwich, how could it be so filling? The egg and cheese were glued together with thick grease, the kind that sticks to your teeth, and that’s a good thing. The bacon was smoky and plentiful. The innards were just as they should be, but that biscuit was just out of control. Buttery, flaky yet dense?, and wholly satisfying. If cholesterol did not exist, I’d take one of these each morning and be a happy lady. Jeff went a different route. He did the traditional biscuit with sausage gravy, however he made it ‘an ultimate.’

narobias_grits_and_gravy_savannah_Two biscuits drenched in thick heavenly gravy with a healthy helping of cheese and bacon sprinkled on top of it all was certainly an ultimate meal. Simple, delicious, perfection. Narobia’s biscuits, whichever way you like them, are a must have when visiting Savannah.

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