Schoharie Creek Preserve, Hike

A quiet preserve filled with alluring natural sights and you may just have it all to yourself. The Schoharie Creek Preserve [Intersection of Butler Rd + Burtonsville Rd, Burtonsville NY, turn right on Butler RD and into parking lot on left] is hidden away off of winding roads. We reached the empty parking lot, checked out the trail head and trail map, and proceeded onto the 1.3 mile loop trail.

schoharie_creek_preserveI love a loop because I never have to worry about navigating. Just follow the well marked blue trail, beginning in the woods, and you’re on your way.

schoharie_creek_preserve_1At the beginning of spring it was cold and muddy, no leaves or colors in the woods. I was beginning to wonder if the trail was going to be a dud, until WHAM-O, the Wilsey Creek came onto the scene and I was stopping every five seconds to get a photo of every perfect little cascade.

schoharie_creek_preserve_Fear for lack of excitement subsided, and across the road we went.

schoharie_creek_preserve_2Back into the woods this time, on top of a tall ravine looking down below. After a few minutes, you’re other senses will kick in. You will surely hear the falls, so follow your ears, and tread with care. A shale-y, skimpy, little ridge trail leading to an epic – though partially covered – waterfall!

schoharie_creek_preserve_4Worth a briefly deviating from the trail for, but head back to blue and continue your loop. Thereafter you will make a sharp descent down to the banks of the Schoharie Creek.

schoharie_creek_preserve_3When we visited it was the deepest radiant green adding that splash of color I so craved. You’ll walk along the water for a ways, keep an eye out for birds! What goes down, must go up, so get huffing and puffing. Another jaunt through the woods will spit you out onto another street, which may look familiar because you drove on it not too long ago.

schoharie_creek_preserve_5Head back towards the lot, but don’t miss checking out the little man made pond. We spotted a bunch of salamanders and tadpoles!

schoharie_creek_preserve_6All of this in just over a mile, this preserve packs quite a punch!

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