Ferncliff Forest, Rhinebeck Hike

The drive down into the Hudson Valley was quick and before I knew it I was crossing the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge. While driving I saw a fire tower peeking out from above the treeline. Yup, that’s where we’re headed, to Ferncliff Forest [68 Mt Rutsen Rd, Rhinebeck, NY 12572] for a real pleasant walk in the woods.

Ferncliff_Forest_rhinebeckWe got to the lot and there were many mountain bikers gathering, however they never crossed our path on the trails. Speaking of which, there are 4 miles to explore, and only one shore mile of effort to get to the base of the fire tower. The hike is very mild and well marked. When you reach the pond you’re almost there!

Ferncliff_Forest_The tower appeared betwixt the trees and I was eager to scramble on up.

Ferncliff_Forest_preserveWhen we got to the top the views were marvelous, endless, leave you breathless. There was the bridge we drove over not too long ago, and a tug pushing a barge underneath adding some contrast to all of those shades of blue.

ferncliff_forest_rhinebeck_So beautiful. After etching the scene to our memories we returned to the woods to check out the rest of the trails and stumbled upon a pond with what looked like some serious beaver activity.

ferncliff_forest_hudson_valleyIt was one of the first days of true spring, so every sprouting plant and every animal sighting was a small victory.

ferncliff_forest_fire_towerWhat a beautiful little park, with so much to offer… after your hike head into town and walk around lovely Rhinebeck.

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2 Responses to Ferncliff Forest, Rhinebeck Hike

  1. julieovaltrades says:

    I have to agree, they weren’t marked the best in certain areas when I went there. Maybe obtaining a good map would help, also it isn’t that big of a trail system so I popped right back out in familiar territory after an hour or so of hiking.

  2. nora Paul Budziak says:

    WE love the Fire Tower and take all out of town friends there because it is such an easy hike!and the rewards are great! Have never done the other trails–well accept once years ago when they Were Not Marked… Bad experience. So my question to you is have you done the other trails and how did you find them? Thank you!

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