Coligny Beach Park, Hilton Head SC

The beach is my happy place, and it seemed like everyone in Hilton Head was happy at this beach too. Kites, bikes, sandcastles, swimming, and strolling – so many smiles and laughs at Coligny Beach Park [1 Coligny Circle, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928].

coligny_beach_park_hilton_headThere is a huge free parking lot a quick and scenic five minutes down the road. Follow the signs and boardwalk until you see the sea. coligny_beach_park_hhiHow easy! When you get to the beach there is a whole strip filled with sprinkler fountains, water fountains, pretty looking bathroom amenities, and swings.

coligny_beach_park_south_carolinaHow sweet! I can see why this is such a popular beach. Initially when you walk in the sand is packed with tanners, swimmers, and boogie boarders.

coligny_beach_park_hhHowever, if you’re more of a quiet person take a walk. The beach is so expansive, it feels like you can walk forever if you want to find some solitude.

coligny_beach_parkIf you want to feel connected though, they have free wifi! Even on a dreary day, Coligny was so upbeat we couldn’t help but fall in love with Hilton Head. We were just stopping by for the day, but after all the fun we had here I wished we were staying for a weekend.

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