Kazoobie Kazoos, Beaufort SC

The right music can turn your road trip from a bore to so much more! On our way from Charleston to Savannah we decided to make a stop at a really quirky roadside attraction. As we were driving there I almost thought we made a wrong turn, we were entering a tech park full of uniform looking businesses. We got to the address and discovered we were right on track, there was Kazoobie Kazoos [12 John Galt Road Beaufort, SC 29906] just where it was supposed to be!

kazoo_factory_beaufortTo be honest, I was a bit apprehensive about taking the tour as we were on a bit of a time constraint – but I’m so glad we made the commitment. We walked around the Kazoo Museum learning about the history of this ingenious American invention, how it is made, and saw some really cool versions in the zany collection of kazoos on our own.

kazoo_factory_south_carolinaThen our tour guide popped on a video for us. I was a bit antsy at the thought of sitting down for a video (as we were on a long car ride), but it turned out to be hilarious and really informative!

kazoobie_kazoos_beaufortWe were laughing our pants off and learning…good thing we paid attention because we aced the quiz our guide gave us. After the movie we were treated to a wonderful performance, our talented tour guide played a whole array of kazoos!

kazoobie_kazoosThen we took a tour of the factory, 100% made in America, and finally, we made our very own kazoos, and all played a song together!

kazoobie_kazoos_south_carolinaThe gift shop was great, it was the perfect place for superbly strange souvenirs. My dad got a submarine kazoo to serenade my mom with. This was an amazing tour filled with silliness, one I am sure I will remember forever – don’t miss it! For just $5, this experience provided us with the gift that keeps on giving. Our kazoos kept us giggling the whole trip and now even at home, as we always play them in the car and remember our time in South Carolina.

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2 Responses to Kazoobie Kazoos, Beaufort SC

  1. julieovaltrades says:

    Yes! I got love for all things odd ☺

  2. findingnyc says:

    What fun! I can’t believe I used to live so close to this place, and never heard of it before! (The kazoo place, that is – I’ve been to Beaufort.) Sometimes the quirky places give us the best memories.

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