Comeau, Woodstock Hike

A mild, yet scenic nature walk right outside the town Woodstock was naturally filled with hikers, families, and dog walkers on a sunny day. Comeau [1 Comeau Dr Woodstock, New York 12498 – upper lot is closer to trail entrance] has just over a mile of trails to explore so it’s perfect natural component to add to a relaxing day of exploration. Walk through the gate into an open field.

comeau_woodstock_You will be treated to some picturesque mountain views – what a good spot for a picnic or a game of soccer.

comeau_trail_woodstock_1Soon the trail will curve off into the woods.
comeau_trail_woodstock_Follow the well marked trails and take in the sights.

comeau_trail_woodstock_5We noticed a perfectly clean intricate set of tree roots,

comeau_property_woodstock_And some vibrant fungi.

comeau_trail_woodstock_4Soon the trail got a bit muddy, but a boardwalk appeared before things got too rough.

comeau_trail_woodstock_2Next we found ourselves beside the Sawkill Creek which was flowing fast.

comeau_trail_woodstock_3A good portion of the trail follows the creek filled with rapids and beautiful smooth rock formations.

woodstock_land_conservancy_Across the way is private property, and many sections of the creek have ‘no trespassing’ signs – so always be respectful.

sawkill_creekBack up through the woods and you will pop out on the other side of the parking lot after a wonderful loop.

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