Wissahickon Valley Park, Philadelphia Hike

After traversing through the dense city center of Philadelphia I was more than happy to have stop number three be a densely treed space. Driving to the outer limits of the city showed me another side of Philadelphia, gorgeous mansions with room in between them and yards. It was hard to stay focused on the road in this neighborhood, could this really be the same city? Soon enough the homes were traded for woods, and we made it to Wissahickon Valley Park [Valley Green Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19128].

Wissahickon_Valley_Park_1Not knowing too much about the trail system we popped onto the main trail running parallel with the Wissahickon Creek, the famed Forbidden Drive. Along the way we saw a variety of waterfalls.

Wissahickon_Valley_Park_9This is a great spot for birding as well, we spotted an odd and colorful arrangement of ducks and geese in the water,

Wissahickon_Valley_Park_2heard many different birds in the trees, and were awed by a gigantic flock of starlings!

Wissahickon_Valley_Park_They were endless in numbers and mesmerizing in formation. We followed the path together and we were more than happy to observe their actions and hear their noises. What a treat to be so close to this migrating group. You can walk on either side of the creek depending on what kind of experience you would like. If you’re looking for a nice hike try the side with all of the rocks, roots, and hills. Bridges to cross over are found intermittently.

Wissahickon_Valley_Park_philadelphiaIf you are looking for an easier walk, a place to run, or bike – try the gravel side.

forbidden_drive_phillyIt’s well marked and you will also find interesting historical plaques as well.

fairmount_park_valley_greenOr mix it up like we did and try both! We started on the rough side and made our cross over spot the scenic covered bridge to the gravel side.

forbidden_drive_philadelphiaEven after a long day of traveling and sightseeing we didn’t want to leave the park! The trail goes on, but it was getting dark. What a truly amazing natural resource right inside of the city, which makes you feel like you’re a million miles away.

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