Philadelphia’s Magic Garden

Philly is a city full of art. Murals are slathered around the streets (over 2,000!),

philadelphia_magic_gardens_3sculptures adorn iconic buildings,

philadelphia_magic_gardens_2and delightful strange sights are on random corners.

philadelphia_magic_gardens_4It’s a great mix for a city with such diverse culture, history, and attitude.

philadelphia_magic_gardens_1Many who go looking for art off the streets visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Who could blame them? This is a premiere classic art museum and I vow that on my next trip to Philly I will finally visit it. I want to stand where Rocky stood like a champ and take in the Van Goghs, Monets, and Picassos. But this trip, this was about funk, silliness, good times and vibes. Stop number two was straight to Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens [1020 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147] and it was so the right decision. Walking down the street our excitement percolated with each little mural leading to the gallery.

philadelphia_magic_gardens_We reached the gate and it looked as absurd as promised, even from the outside! Tickets purchased and step out into the open air space which is bigger than you might have imagined.

philadelphia_magic_gardens_8Wall to wall, ceiling to floor, mosaics cover it all. I dare you to try and observe every detail as you meander through the mosaic hallways.

magic_gardens_philly_1Every ‘window’ exposes new realms of enchantment.

magic_gardens_philly_Down the stairs and up through the sky, every corner more insane and impressive than the last.

philadelphia_magic_gardens_7Straddling the line between junk yard and fine art is where I love to stand. The fun creativity of this place is astounding!

magic_gardens_philly_4It started to drizzle so we ducked inside and the fun continued. More mosaics and now sculptures too!

philadelphia_magic_gardens_22Don’t miss a trip to the bathroom.

philadelphia_magic_gardens_11Even the gift shop sported some colorful tiles along with some really unique items for sale.

philadelphia_magic_gardens_9The jewelry was one of a kind and affordably priced. My mom and I chose porcelain tile necklaces and every time I put mine on I think about our crazy trip to the amazing mosaic Magic Garden!

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2 Responses to Philadelphia’s Magic Garden

  1. julieovaltrades says:

    Mysterious! Sounds like a fun way to walk the city.

  2. Ryan H says:

    My favorite Philly “street art” is the Toynbee tiles. I spent an afternoon looking for them after watching a documentary about them.

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