Rock Hill Bakehouse, Glens Falls

What could be better than a good slice of bread? Two good slices of bread with yummy fixins smushed betwixt them. Rock Hill Bakehouse [19 Exchange St, Glens Falls, NY 12801] is beloved for its bread, loaf or sandwich.

rock_hill_bakehouse_glens_falls_3We sat down at a little table with lovely fresh flowers and decided on what to order.

rock_hill_bakehouse_glens_falls_2So many sandwiches, why can’t we have multiple stomachs like cows? (Fun fact: they have four). We settled on two sandwiches and decided to go halfies. The man sitting next to us said those are his favorite two on the menu, and he always gets a half of each! We felt confident. The meal came out and the first thing we noticed was the beautifully golden griddled bread.

rock_hill_bakehouse_glens_falls_Jeff’s top choice was the Granny Smith on cinnamon raisin with curried mayo, apple, smoked turkey, cheddar. First the bread. It was perfectly fluffy, had an amazing crust, and the raisins were juicy as can be. The amalgam of flavors was off the hook! The creamy spiciness of the curry, the crisp sweet apple, the smoky meat and sharp cheddar, yes this is definitely an intensely delicious sandwich. My choice was the Smoked Turkey Pesto on semolina with pesto mayo, tomato, and smoked mozz. It was more reserved, classic, and certainly delicious. These sandwiches are stuffed and thus, so were we. We had to get dessert from this bakehouse. It was a necessity. One cookie caught our eye and it was big enough to split!

rock_hill_bakehouse_glens_falls_1The oatmeal chocolate chip cookie was divine. Crumbly, yet moist and chock full of the important stuff. Satisfaction acquired!

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