Visit the Saugerties Lighthouse

Have you ever been to a lighthouse on the waters edge in the dead of winter? It’s brutal, it’s beautiful. I didn’t plan on visiting the Saugerties Lighthouse [168 Lighthouse Dr, Saugerties, NY 12477] on such a chilly day, but as I was driving through town I saw the signs pointing to its direction and decided to take an impromptu trip.

saugerties_lighthouse_1It was much colder on the banks of the Hudson than it was inland. The wind was whipping. We found the little lot and trailhead and took off on the half mile path to the lighthouse.

saugerties_lighthouse_Over the boardwalks and through the woods we walked listening to the birds chatter and admiring the lovely scenery.

saugerties_lighthouse_3A splash of color came into sight as a tug was pushing a barge through the chunks of ice.

saugerties_lighthouse_2It wasn’t more than ten minutes before we caught our first glimpse of the lighthouse.

saugerties_lighthouse_4We walked past the ice collected at the banks to get a better look.

saugerties_lighthouse_6You can walk around the backside of the lighthouse on a deck, read some historical information, and take in the views. There are tours over the summer months for those looking to learn more detailed information. The structure is striking and unique. The lighthouse built in 1869 has a brick building attached to it which now serves as a bed and breakfast.

saugerties_lighthouse_5How romantic to be warm and inside, away from the elements, with this scenic setting! Daydreaming doesn’t keep you warm though, so we had to walk back down the trail to get out of that bitter river wind, happy with this little surprise adventure.

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